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17.01.2004 preSTABLE
You can now access my P.A.T.H. preSTABLE release, which can and will change!
Please be sure to download the latest version before submitting bugreports.

09.11.2003 Brutal ARP (release 0.8)
Maybe you thought this project is dead? Well ya definitely wrong! ;D
The P.A.T.H. project now supports the creation of ARP packets. There is a new module called path::ARP.
There is also the new tool arpredir to implement ARP man-in-the-middle attacks
Last but not least IP-Packet now supports ARP and you can bruteforce source and destination ports and ICMP type and codes.
[Developer Notes] Check out the new path::ARP module!

22.12.2002 BETA 2 (release 0.7)
Fixed a lot of bugs. Please have a look at the CHANGES file
Debugged hijackd GUI version
There is a new GUI version of crazysniffer
Crazysniffer can now dump TCP flags, window size and save and load it's configuration

14.12.2002 ICMP Redirect (release 0.6)
There is a new tool called Icmpredir to create ICMP redirect messages and change the victims default gateway. This tool also features a GUI and terminal interface.

03.12.2002 BETA release (release 0.5)
Hijackd can now automatically hijack different hosts, connections and protocols. The tool only sniffs traffic which should be hijacked and there is a buggy GUI version of hijackd.
Easterrst now only sniffs traffic which should be reseted
Crazysniffer: Debugged Telnet sniffin mode, can now sniff email (SMTP,POP3,IMAP) and can optionally dump sequence and acknowledgement numbers
There is now an install script to install the required Perl modules
Added a lot of documentation
[Developer Notes] Config.pm has a new method pcap() to create a pcap expression out of the configuration and hijack.pm has now a better support for stateful / stateless mode and many many things were debuggt. Please read the module documentation

08.09.2002 Hijackd / hijack.pm module (release 0.4)
Hijackd is a daemon for automatically hijacking plain protocols.
Currently only telnet is supported and there is no GUI Version of that tool.
[Developer Notes] All the hijacking stuff is now stored in the hijack.pm module.

28.07.2002 Feed SN0RT / modules updates (release 0.3)
Feed SN0RT now supports the following protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, can replace SN0RT variables like $HTTP_PORTS, can be configured via configfile and there is a GUI version of the tool.
[Developer Notes] Config.pm can now handle multiple source ip adresses (list or range), create a config object out of the common P.A.T.H. config files and store / receive all options of a packet.

26.07.2002 First major update (release 0.2)
A simple GUI has been developed for the sniffer script.
Feed SN0RT version 0.1 has been implemented into the project.
[Developer Notes] All scripts now support the main configuration module config.pm

14.05.2002 The P.A.T.H project started!
Its currently in ALPHA state and contains a packetgenerator, rst deamon and a sniffer.
There is a GUI and a terminal version of all scripts except the sniffer script.