Perl Advanced TCP Hijacking

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P.A.T.H is a collection of tools for inspecting and hijacking network connections.
Programming languages: Perl and C
Latest release: 0.8
Current version: P.A.T.H. preSTABLE
Supported operating systems: GNU Linux, FreeBSD
The project consists of a packetgenerator (constructing TCP/IP, UDP/IP, ICMP and ARP packets), a RST daemon (to reset TCP connections), a sniffer (with special mail and telnet modes), an ICMP redirection tool (to implement man-in-the-middle attacks with icmp redirect messages), an ARP redirection tool, an IDS testing tool and an automatic hijacking daemon for plain protocols (like telnet).
All tools feature both a Tk GUI and a terminal interface.
Please note that this project is in BETA state!!!
...and it comes with absolutly no warranty...
Don't forget to read the FAQ!
[ Last Update: 20050204 ]
This project is developed by Bastian Ballmann and Stefan Krecher.